Sunday, 10 January 2016

24/7 Emergency Repair Service

At A. Shaw Roofing we are equipped to handle all of your roofing emergencies on a
24/7 basis. Our technicians can service residential and commercial needs of sloped shingle roofing as well as low slope membrane systems. 

Emergency repair service is designed to urgently perform a temporary repair to protect your property, contents or stock inventory from further damage. A permanent repair or renovation (if required) can be completed once weather conditions improve or day light hours arrive.

  • 24 Hour Service – 7 Days Per Week 
  • All roof types
  • Quick and efficient repairs
  • Competitive prices

If you are a: home owner, commercial property, condominium association or a property management company, A Shaw Roofing is the Name You Can Trust for prompt 24 Hour Emergency Repair Service.

780 -934-7663


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